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Name: Keegan Messing
DOB: January 23, 1992
Hometown: Girdwood, AK
Height: 5'4"
Training Town: Anchorage, AK
Club: Sherwood Park Figure Skating Club
Coaches: Ralph Burghart
Choreographers: Lance Vipond

Keegan began skating at age 3 after watching the 1994 Winter Olympics, and being inspired by Elvis Stojko. Keegan said that watching Elvis Stojko skate made him want to skate. Keegan formerly skated pairs with Ellie Gottstein. Keegan also enjoys being outdoors - his hobbies include skiing, back country camping, water skiing, hiking, mountain biking, and snowshoeing. Keegan also likes to yo yo, play piano and stilt walk. After Keegan finishes with his skating career, he wants to be a ski bum or a firefighter like his dad.